Pablo the Super-Banana (for early years groups)

Pablo the Super-Banana is on a mission to help younger pupils find out how bananas are grown and how they end up in our shops. Watch the film or download the story cards on this page to talk to your younger pupils about bananas and farming.

You will also need these to do the Alternative Learner Audit which will enable settings of children aged 3-7 years, or SEN learners to complete the audit which is a requirement for the Fairtrade Schools Awards.

Pablo the Super Banana supports Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 learning goals around communication and language, understanding the world, literacy and art.

To download the film, click on the link to Vimeo on the right hand side and there is a ‘Download’ button just below the film’s title.

This film is 5 mins 26 secs long.

The Pablo Home Learning Challenge is coming soon!