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28th September, 2021

Suffolk schools to speak with Fairtrade Tea Farmer, Patrick Kaberia

Tea farmer Patrick Kaberia smiling in tea field

The Suffolk Association of Fairtrade Towns (SAFT) is offering a link to Patrick Kaberia, Fairtrade Farmer in Kenya, to all Suffolk schools during a special Suffolk Fairtrade Fortnight from 9 – 22 October.  The highlight will be a live link, via Zoom, to Patrick in Kenya when a panel of six local children will put questions to Patrick on aspects of Fairtrade.  Other schools in Suffolk are being invited to take a feed of the Q&A session using ‘webinar’ technology.

Patrick will be familiar to some of you from his visits to the UK in 2016 and 2017.  Others will recognise him for his contribution to the educational resources in the Fairtrade Schools Teaching Resource Library.

Patrick is a Fairtrade tea farmer from Michimikuru in Kenya.  He also works for the local tea co-operative, advising smallholders on how to improve their yields and follow good conservation practice.  He has been active in explaining the effects of climate change on his local area and what steps have been taken to mitigate some of its effects – such as crop diversification and tree planting.

To support the live link, SAFT have made a range of educational material featuring Patrick available via their website.  Much of this has been produced by the Fairtrade Foundation but there are also some ‘home videos’, produced by Patrick, of his tea nursery started on his return from the UK in 2016.

SAFT have two more initiatives in the programme.  The first is a writing competition with £100 in prizes donated by the East of England Co-op.

The other is a Q&A session with Mike Gidney via Zoom during the second week of the fortnight.  Pupils will be able to put questions direct to Mike on the role of Fairtrade in promoting Fairtrade and supporting farmers and other workers.

SAFT hope to put an edited version of the session with Patrick on our website in due course.  Please do visit their site and take a look!

Written by Alan Muchal, SAFT Secretary

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