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26 February - 11 March 2018

Fairtrade Fortnight 2018

Come on in and get ready for Fortnight now!

We have a just released a brand new range of films, games, lesson plans, events guides and even Virtual Reality headsets to inspire wonderful whole school learning experiences. Firstly, get the dates in your calendar – Monday 26 February to Sunday 11 March.


For 2018, we’re asking you to ‘come on in’ to Fairtrade to stand with farmers and close the door on exploitation. Invite others to your Fortnight events.  Show them the difference that Fairtrade can make.

See what other schools are doing and share what you are up to at @FairtradeUKed. Don’t forget you can also enter our Fairtrade Fortnight Award with a chance to win £350 to spend on your future Fairtrade activities – there’s more information here.

New resources! 

These resources are all completely free and cover both our usual subjects areas like PSHE and Geography but also new ones including Music, Black History, Business studies and English. Our Schools Action Guide has provides ideas for how your school can get involved and our Event Pack  you can order for free for posters, stickers and ideas to theme events in your school

Virtual Reality Field Trip

Get your Fairtrade Fortnight Virtual Reality Headsets here for just £4.20 a set and come on a wonderful journey with Samuel the coffee farmer.


Coobana Banana Co-op

  • Come on in to Coobana Film – learn more about how bananas are grown and how Fairtrade has made a difference to banana farmers from the Coobana cooperative in Panama.
  • Coobana: Fairtrade Fortnight Assembly 2018 – This assembly is a fun way to introduce the importance of Fairtrade with a short role play. There is an accompanying Powerpoint with images, or these can be printed and displayed.
  • Introducing Coobana Banana Co-operative – quiz and discussion to introduce Central America, Panama and the Banana trade.
  • Songs and Poems of Banana workers – Songs like Harry Belafonte’s Day-O (The Banana Boat Song) are great for assemblies, now learn what they mean and gain an understanding of the struggle of Banana workers to gain respect and fair working conditions.
  • Timeline display – a lesson plan to learn the history of the Coobana cooperative and to create a display for Fairtrade Fortnight
  • Co-operative game – Food Corp vs Farmers is game where children have to learn to work together to win independence from a global corporation
  • Team Board Game – Try this team version of the Coobana board game in the Event Pack to help students learn about Fairtrade, Coobana and the banana trade

A new game for EYFS and Key Stage 1

  • Fairtrade Lotto – a fun new game for Early Years and Primary schools to identify Fairtrade products. Try it with with a platter of samples to have afterwards.


Fundraise for Fairtrade communities

Your students will love getting involved in bake sales, quizzes, walkathons, or a dress-up day where kids can go bananas on a Fairtrade-themed outfit! Money raised will support farmers to fight for a fairer deal so they can break out of poverty. You can order your free fundraising donation box here. Simply fold it together and encourage people to donate at your event.




Watch this space for more updates soon including a video and assembly on Coobana. If you have any queries then feel free to email us on

There’s also more information on the main Fairtrade website here;