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Fairtrade Break – a lesson kit for primary schools

Holding a Fairtrade break in your school? This set of learning activities can help support your event by providing pupils with a chance to find out more about why the school is learning more about Fairtrade. They’ll think about why a break is crucial for health and wellbeing, and learn how putting Fairtrade in their break can make a difference to the lives of farmers around the world.

The learning resources are designed to support the PSHE curriculum at Key Stage 1-2 in England, Health and Wellbeing in Scotland at curriculum level 1-2, PDMU at Key Stage 1-2 in Northern Ireland, and PSE at Key Stage 1-2 in Wales, by focusing on the impact of our food and consumer choices and diet on our own and others’ physical and social wellbeing.

This lesson kit is supported by Chartwells.

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