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Fairtrade farmers at COP26 answer your questions!

As COP26 draws to a close, tune in to hear young climate activists and Fairtrade supporters ask their questions to Fairtrade farmers – Rachel, Bismark and Muniraju.

In this short film, the following questions from young people are answered in the first 8 minutes:

“How have you both been inspired since being at COP26?” – Tayna

“Do you feel like you’ve been able to mobilise and get action from governments, the action that you need?” – Joceyln

“How do you balance the need for conferences and summits like COP26 with real on the ground and local action?” – Tolmeia

“Is COP26 just another climate discussion or will positivity and change come from it?” – Lexie

“Has there been a big difference in the attitude that older people have towards the climate compared to the attitude that you have as younger people?” – Henry

“What do you think the world will be like when I’m an adult?” – Ben

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