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Patrick’s Virtual Visit


We’re happy to bring Fairtrade tea producer Patrick Kaberia into your school! This short film features Patrick answering questions about tea farming in Kenya and Fairtrade in a Q&A format.

Patrick talks about climate change and the impact it is having on tea farmers in the part of Kenya where he lives.

There are also supporting documents and activities including:

  • Instructions for teachers on how to make the most of this resource
  • Background Notes – a little more information about tea, the FAIRTRADE Mark and co-operatives as well as ways to introduce terms such as sustainability and consumer power in class
  • A worksheet for students – using Google Maps or an atlas to find out more about where tea is grown plus a design activity where students think about what information they want to see on packaging
  • The Negotiating Game – a group activity to show the power of working together
  • Consumer Power activity – a class activity that uses graphs and charts to show how we can make a difference with our shopping choices
  • Ideas for a discussion around where the things we buy come from

Film length: 06m47s




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