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4th February, 2022

New Fairtrade activities for children

Check out these two fantastic organisations bringing Fairtrade to life for children and young people…

  • Introducing the concept of Fairtrade in a fun way, ‘The Little Book of Fairness‘ by Shared Interest is perfect for use in the classroom, or for guided learning at home. Follow the special superheroes on a colourful journey across continents – to share what it means to be fair!

  • Spread the Fairtrade message among little ones in your lives, by opening up the conversation about climate change using Traidcraft’s fun and 100% free, downloadable resources. Why not tackle the forest maze and plant some carbon-absorbing trees along the way? Or find the hidden climate change related words in Traidcraft’s wordsearch – bonus points for being able to explain what each word means!

Click here to try out the Tree Maze.

Click here to tackle the Climate Justice Wordsearch.

Join us on Twitter at  @FairtradeUKEd