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22nd March, 2022

World Poetry Day- Your Fairtrade Poems

This World Poetry Day, Monday 21st March, we are celebrating by showcasing a collection inspirational poetry that has been submitted into this year’s Fairtrade Fortnight Youth Exhibition Hall. The collection below is made up of entries from pupils from across the UK and covers topics including environmental issues, social justice, and reminders to listen to the farmers most effected by climate change.

Through this year’s Fairtrade Fortnight festival, every action that we have all taken collectively has contributed to inspiring climate action in individuals, businesses, governments and wider the community visiting this year’s Youth Exhibition and has reminded exhibition visitors that they need to listen to the farmers most effect by climate change.

Visit the Youth Exhibition Hall 2022 to see more poems, pieces of art and videos created by young Fairtrade supporters this Fairtrade Fortnight to inspire climate action.


Iqra, aged 11


Eleanor, Age 11


Oliver, aged 10


Evie, aged 12


Imogen, aged 11


Beatrice, aged 11


Layla, aged 8


Luca, aged 13



Jake, aged 12


Maria, aged 10


Will, aged 11


Xander, aged 9


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