14th August, 2020

Fairtrade Family Portrait – a new film series for students aged 7-14

From a wonderful family of cocoa farmers in Sierra Leone, to your family in the UK, we are delighted to bring you a brand new film series… It’s a Fairtrade Family Portrait!

You might remember meeting this inspiring family in the film ‘Guardians of the Rainforest‘. The story of their Fairtrade cocoa co-operative taught us about the importance of forest friendly farming.

New for the 2020-2021 academic year, Amie, Sidie, Lucia and Gbassay are back to help students learn what it means to be a Fairtrade farmer. From exploring the benefits of co-operatives to understanding how Fairtrade supports women’s empowerment, these four episodes contain everything you need to learn about Fairtrade at home or in the classroom.

What’s in each episode?

Episode 1: Amie’s Story encourages students to reflect on the importance of team work and learn how being part of a co-operative makes a difference to farmers.

Episode 2: Sidie’s Story helps students understand the Fairtrade Minimum Price and why transparent trade is important.

Episode 3: Lucia’s Story teaches students about the Fairtrade Standards and how they work to empower women in the community.

Episode 4: Gbassay’s Story teaches students about the Fairtrade Premium and how it supports children like Gbassay to access an education.

Activity packs

Each episode is accompanied by a colourful activity pack, full of resources to consolidate student learning. Each pack includes:

  • Key words and definitions from each episode
  • Matching cards to help students learn the meaning of key words
  • A word search
  • Discussion cards to elicit rich discussion
  • A doodle page – learn whilst you draw!

So, what are you waiting for?! Get started with Episode 1: Amie’s Story and let us know if you manage to complete all four word searches…

All the best,

Claire, Joe, Jo and Shannon

The Fairtrade Schools Team