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30th September, 2021

New documentary series launched telling story of three farmers

How resilient are we as a society, and as individuals, when a crisis shakes the world? No matter who we are, or where we live, chances are the pandemic has transformed our life. The same applies to the farmers supplying the world’s food, whose stories often go untold.

Meet Ponisih, Caroline and Roberto and get an inside look at the challenges, fears and hopes of three farmers refusing to give up, and standing for a fair future.

This unscripted documentary series, filmed in Indonesia, Kenya and Peru, will show how their real lives evolve over half a year.

In each location, a team of local filmmakers with links to social activism is capturing what is happening. Each with a unique style, true to who they are and what they see, they have been instrumental in arriving at moving, authentic portraits.

Screen this at your university or school

From how gender equality is tackled, to the impact on younger generations, these films provide great stimulus for discussion and rich learning. Students must be comfortable reading subtitles.

Watch Roberto’s Story

Roberto standing on his banana farm

Watch Caroline’s Story

 Watch Ponisih’s Story

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