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22nd February, 2016

Poetry Competition (with Divine and Christian Aid)

Do your students love chocolate? If so, Divine and Christian Aid have got the perfect competition for you. Pupils will need to write a poem about Fairtrade chocolate, enabling them to use their creativity and imagination while learning something about Fairtrade values and ideas. This year’s theme is ‘a love that grows’ and Divine have suggested a few prompts:

If your pupils are between 7 to 11 years old, ask them to think about what they love about Fairtrade chocolate – does it make them smile?

For pupils aged between 12 and 16, they might want to think about the long journey a Fairtrade cocoa bean has to go through until it is made into chocolate. What are the different stages and how would they describe it?

The closing date is 30 April 2016. For details on how to enter, visit

Join us on Twitter at  @FairtradeUKEd