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6th April, 2018

We have won TWO Geographical Association Publishers’ Awards!

We were so excited to win two awards last night at the Geographical Association Publishers’ Awards!

Education Manager Joanna Milis was there to collect the awards which recognise significant contributions to geographical education.

The winning films were ‘Patrick’s Virtual Visit’ and ‘Can Trade Lift People out of Poverty?’

‘Patrick’s Virtual Visit’ is perfect for assemblies or for introducing Fairtrade in a lesson. It features Fairtrade tea producer, Patrick Kaberia answering questions in a Q & A format, bringing tea farming to life in your school.


‘Can Trade Lift People out of Poverty?’ is for students aged 16 and over and follows 19 year old student, Yohanna, as she visits sugar farmers in Swaziland. She finds out about their lives and livelihoods producing sugar, and how Fairtrade has changed them. This film covers the background of the global trade system, globalisation and power in supply chains.

Exciting news as we head into the weekend!

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