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8th June, 2020

Brew-tiful Fairtrade coffee art

This month the Fairtrade Schools Team had the pleasure of speaking to a young Fairtrade artist who had risen to the challenge of one of our favourite Fairtrade Home Learning Challenges… to paint a picture of a coffee plant using a small amount of Fairtrade coffee!

Theo, aged 12, from Orpington in Kent, was inspired by ‘Samuel’s Fairtrade Story’, a Fairtrade Schools film in which friendly Fairtrade coffee farmer, Samuel Maina, gives a tour of his coffee farm, home and coffee processing station.

The Fairtrade Schools Team were lucky enough to have a chat with the young artist himself. Here, Theo explains why Fairtrade is important to him.

How and why is Fairtrade a part of your life?

As a family we buy Fairtrade products whenever possible and always look out for the Fairtrade symbol, which we think is clear and easy to spot. Some examples of Fairtrade products we regularly buy are various types of sugar and cocoa powder, (we do quite a lot of baking), coffee, bananas and Green and Blacks chocolate.

Why do you support Fairtrade?

I support Fairtrade because not only do I feel more comfortable enjoying the products, the farmers that have produced these goods have gotten a deal that is fair. This allows them and their families to live a happier life that they deserve as they work very hard.

As well as painting and baking, we learnt that Theo is an avid footballer! Did you know that, as well as Fairtrade food products, you can also get Fairtrade footballs? It was great talking to Theo and we look forward to hearing from more young Fairtrade supporters!

If you’d like to learn more about Fairtrade coffee and have a go at some coffee art, you can get involved here. Send a picture of your painting to or post on Twitter tagging the Fairtrade Schools Team @FairtradeUKEd.

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