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9th October 2022

Festival of the Girl and Fairtrade

The Festival of the Girl is all about changing what it means to be a girl.

It aims to inspire and engage girls aged 7 -11 years and to remove the limitations gender stereotypes place on them.

​The event will give girls access to an incredible line up of female role models, workshops and activities that they can’t always get at school.  The festival is a safe environment for girls to have fun, try something new, and most importantly; leave with a boost of self-confidence.

​The main annual event takes place every October coinciding with UN’s International Day of the Girl Child and explores a variety of topics from careers to body positivity, to mental health and sustainability.

Girls are our future change makers so together we must do all we can to create a gender equal society where they realise their full potential.

Once again, the Fairtrade Foundation will be at the Festival of the Girl to support this incredible cause.

Around 60-80% of the world’s food is grown by women. Yet they often don’t own the land and see little of the profit made from it. The challenge is to make sure that these women are represented, and their voices heard.

The Fairtrade foundation is committed to creating a gender equal society and is helping challenge this gender gap, working alongside women and girls to stake their claim and succeed on their own terms.

Fairtrade Standards are designed to prevent gender inequality, increase female participation and empower more woman and girls to access the benefits of Fairtrade.

We are also working beyond the Standards to increase women’s role in Fairtrade producer organisations and to ensure they receive equal benefits.


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